Game description

As much as I loved the first learn to fly, the sequel is a massive improvement and then some. The game follows the fortune of a little penguin who was injured after his flight in the first version and is now set on revenge.

The game consist of our hero sliding down a ramp and flying as far as he can and earning dollars on each flight. These dollars can be used to upgrade a range of things including the glider, sled, ramp height, propulsion system, fuel and my personal favourite weaponry to destroy any obstacles that may stand in your way.

This game has so many options that it can be played over and over and never get boring, but it also is a great tool to teach kids about basic physics. Its easy to pick up and really satisfying when you reach a new achievement.

If you want a challenge my personal best is 17 days with no bonuses and 5 days with bonuses, good luck beating me 🙂

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